Metaphorical Magnitude

In my current project on men’s sexual health (including genitourinary conditions and afflictions of the groin) I have been reading a lot of descriptions and case notes of testicular swellings and hernias. One of the things that has stood out to me and intrigued me is the use of comparisons to explain how big swellings …

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Anne Taylor’s Stones

This week’s post discusses the case of ¬†20-year-old Anne Taylor, who worked as a servant to a brewer named Sikes, in Romford, Essex. Anne was treated by chemical physician George Thompson (1619-1676) in February 1655. We last met Thompson in this post. Thompson added an appendix to his 1665 book¬†Galeno-pale: A Chymical Trial of the …

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Medical Materials

A short while ago now I examined Alice Dolan’s excellent thesis on linen and its various roles in the life cycle. This got me thinking a bit more about the materials used in early modern medical recipes. We have seen these in various previous blog posts – like the hats made to cure headaches and …

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Perceptions of Pregnancy

UPDATE! THE BOOK IS NOW PUBLISHED! YAY! Available through all the usual channels. As many regular readers will know along with Ciara Meehan I have been working hard finalising the proofs for an edited collection exploring Perceptions of Pregnancy from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century. We are very excited about the volume which looks …

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Science Mixtape

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be the guest on Soho Radio’s Science Mixtape with Matilda Hay. If you would like to listen to the show it is available as a podcast.    

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