Guest Bloggers


L0017887 A medical practitioner taking a girl's pulse and holding a fIf you are interested in writing a blog post for Early Modern Medicine, please fill out the form below. Please provide a brief (300-500) abstract of the topic you would like to blog about and you current academic affiliation(s).

  • Blog posts should be 700-1000 words in length and should address an aspect of health, medicine or bodies in the early modern era (defined broadly as 1500-1780).
    • We run a series on therapeutics, which is also open to guest bloggers
  • We also accept book reviews of 700 words (and reviews of relevant plays or art exhibitions).
  • All blog posts should contain footnotes.
  • Blogs should be written in an easy and accessible style avoiding jargon and explaining unusual or complex ideas.
  • Blogs should be accompanied by at least one copyright clear image and a brief author biography

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