If you are enjoying reading about early modern medicine there are more excellent blogs and interesting discussions available at these sites: Paul Middleton discusses fascinating diseases, treatments and other medical history wonders.  ‘Old recipes can tell us a lot about the past, such as how medicines were prepared, when certain foods became popular, or why ingredients might be magical. Join us as we explore the weird and wonderful world of recipes!’ ‘This website is dedicated to a study of early modern chirurgeons, and all the blood and gore that comes with it.’ Is the website of the exciting project at Exeter University to construct a picture of all the medical practitioners of England, Ireland and Wales in the early modern period. Dr Alun Withey blogging about Welsh medicine

Fashionable Diseases This blog is part of a project at the University of Northumbria which explores diseases in the eighteenth century.

For some non-medical history of the early modern period visit these enjoyable reads:  ‘The many-headed monster is a collaborative effort focusing on English society and culture in the early modern period, very broadly conceived’ A blog by Dr Joanne Bailey on life, family and gender in the long eighteenth century.  A research blog about the role of music in early modern society. Michelle Wallis blogging about her research on vernacular medicine and medical advertising. Jennie Jordan discussing all things seventeenth century. Anna Jenkin talking about the representations of gender in the media a look at coins, crime and fraud by Robert Rock a collaborative blog exploring women and men’s work in the early modern period.