till Life with Fruit, Oysters and a Porcelain Bowl, Abraham Mignon, 1660 – 1679. Courtesy of the Rijksmuseum.

In the final run up to the publication of my book (due for release at the end of the month) I have been blogging about aphrodisiacs over on the Notches blog …




Notches was established in order to get people inside and outside the academy thinking about sex and sexualities in the past and in the present.  It has a number of regular contributors, who consider the history of sexuality in its broadest sense: the way it is connected to the history of gender, society, politics, economies, and cultures, and the way it informs current issues. We are supported by the Raphael Samuel History Centre, which is devoted to encouraging the widest possible participation in historical research and debate, and our goal is to create a blog that is accessible, inclusive, relevant, entertaining, and intellectually engaged.


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